16 inch diesel engine hydraulic wood chipper for sale

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Model: wood chipper for sale ZS1585/1585X


Feed size:43-48 mm

Outsize:5-50 mm

Application:Tree log, branches, palm, shrub, straw, and wood waste

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Overview of wood chipper for sale

With large diameter drum rotors, the Model 1500 Chipper  are capable of directly chipping wood up to 12 inches in size. The hydraulic feeding system helps to minimize material return, while also increasing feeding speed in a safe and effective manner. This machine can output up to 5000kg of chips per hour. The 360-degree rotating outlet allows for the wood chips to be unloaded with a spray distance of over 3 meters, which can be directly loaded onto a truck. Additionally, with its 3-inch trailer and all-steel car tires, this 4000kg wood chipper can easily be towed by a small car for mobile operations.

Features of wood chipper for sale

tree shredder for sale

1.360° any place discharge material. Discharge material 2.5-3.5m height, loading to truck easily.

2. Use SUV car tire.2-4 inch traction loading  more than 5000kgs.

durable tyre
tree shredder for sale

3. The hydraulic feeding speed is uniform and the roller diameter is large. 1-10 gears feeding Intelligent control feeding speed,avoid stuck machine.

4. The hydraulic feeding speed is uniform and the roller diameter is large

tree shredder for sale
tree shredder for sale

5. Show operation of the machine(show the oil quantity.water temperature.oil pressure. work time and others information)detect abnormality in time , reduce maintenance.

6. Equipped with an intelligent hydraulic forced feeding system, the 1-10 speed adjustment gear can adjust the speed freely to avoid material jams.

tree shredder for sale

Specification of wood chipper for sale

Max. wood log diameter
Engine type
Diesel engine/Motor
Engine Power
4 cyl.
4 cyl.
4 cyl.
6 cyl.
 6 cyl.
 6 cyl.
Cutting Drum Size

Blades qty. on cutting drum
Feeding Type
Manual feed
Metal conveyor
Shipping way
5.8 cbm

by LCL

9.7 cbm

by LCL

10.4 cbm

by LCL
11.5 cbm

by LCL
20ft container
Packing way
plywood case
Heavy Plywood case+steel frame

CASE of wood chipper for sale

As a professional OEM and exporter of tree branch chipper, Zhangsheng has exported to more than 80 countries. We have the entire series of Diesel Powered wood drum chippers. From  the feeding mode, we have self-feeding wood chipper and hydraulic feeding wood chipper.  All wood chippers have CE certification of TUV-SUD and TUV-Rheinland. The total number of wood chippers exported to Europe and North America each year is more than 1000 units.

Factory direct sales, spot supply

More than 80% of the accessories are produced independently, which has the highest cost performance in the industry, and has always been in stock.

FAQ of wood chipper for sale

Q1:What payment methods do you accept?

We support various payment methods, we can accept 20% or 30% as deposit. If it is a return order, we can receive 100% payment by copy B/L. If it is an e-commerce or supermarket customer, we can even receive 60 or 90days billing period. We will adjust the payment method flexibly.

Q2:How long is your delivery time?

We have more than 1500 square meters of spot inventory workshop, and it usually takes 5-10 days for goods with sufficient inventory. If you need to customize the equipment, it takes 20-30 days. We will do our best to deliver as soon as possible.

Q3:What if the machine is damaged?

One-year warranty and comprehensive after-sales service. After this period, we will charge a lower fee to maintain after-sales service.

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